Getting Into The Modern Sneaker Resellers World

Sneaker reselling has quickly turned into one of the most profitable industries in the world.

In 2020 the sneaker reselling industry was valued at $79 billion and is expected to reach an estimated $120 billion by 2026.

Despite being based on a very simple premise of buying and reselling sneakers, anyone in the industry would tell you it’s a lot more complex than that.

A lot goes into reselling sneakers, making it an extremely difficult industry to break into.

Aside from having a passion for sneakers, you’ll also require some technical knowledge to use sneaker proxies, bots, virtual private servers (VPS) and more to succeed.

In this article, we’ll be covering the following topics related to the sneaker industry:

  • What makes up a successful sneaker resellers world
  • Where to find deals on sneakers
  • Getting the best proxies
  • Setting up your bots
  • Reselling your sneakers

What Makes Up A Successful Sneaker Resellers World?

If you think that the sneaker reselling industry is just about buying and selling sneakers, you’re wrong.

While anyone can just buy sneakers online and then resell them for a profit, it becomes much more complex when it comes to making a living from this.

Successful sneaker resellers need to have a clear understanding of the industry, they need to understand what are the highest valued sneakers that can bring in the big bucks, they also need to have the appropriate knowledge and experience in using the tools required to beat out the competition to get your hands on a pair (hopefully more) of these kicks.

Many popular brands are releasing limited-edition sneakers that reach high prices. But these sales are usually location specific and limit buyers to only one pair.

Serious sneaker resellers need to use specialized technological tools to ensure they leave the sale with a few pairs.

Where To Find Deals On Sneakers?

Sneaker resellers have to live and breathe sneakers and the entire sneakerhead culture. This is critical to ensure that you know when the next sales will occur.

You’ll have to monitor sneaker websites like HighSnobiety, Hypebeast and Solecollector to stay on top of the latest sneaker news.

Some apps can help to track release dates, news and more. Some of the most popular apps to track sneaker release dates include J23 and Kicks on Fire.

Getting The Best Proxies

If you’re a serious sneaker reseller, you know the importance of using the best sneaker proxies to protect your bots from detection and ensure that you increase your chances of getting your hands on multiple pairs.

Sneaker proxies are critical as they are linked to a pool of real IP addresses.

Since most sales limit buyers to only one pair, which is monitored through your IP address, then sneaker proxies give you access to many more you can use alongside your bots to increase your chances.

Setting Up Your Bots

Next, you’ll need bots to automate the process of buying the sneakers. Why should you use bots?

Sneaker bots are much faster than any human, so they are able to process and complete the sale quicker.

In such a highly competitive industry, you need any chance you can get to improve your chances of buying limited-edition sneakers.

There are many different sneaker bots to choose from, and they are generally easy to use.

However, it’s important that you learn as much as you can about using them before your first sale.

These bots usually require specific information, such as which model and size to buy.

If you’re not specific enough when setting up your bot, you could end up with child-size sneakers – which are not as valuable as more common adult sizes.

Reselling Your Sneakers

Once you’ve used your sneaker proxy and bots and landed a couple of pairs of limited edition sneakers, it’s time to start making a profit.
You can even set up a depop bot as a reliable reselling tool. This bot will relist, message buyers, follow and unfollow other users, message buyers, and more.

You’ll need an in-depth knowledge of the sneaker industry and sneaker values to make a profit, as well as what you can add on to make the sale more interesting, such as matching apparel. There is a multitude of sneaker marketplaces that also provide you with charts depicting the exchange value of sneakers.

These charts look similar to forex charts and require an understanding to interpret the results and ensure you sell your sneakers when they are the most valuable to end up with the highest possible profit.

Platforms like StockX and GOAT are great marketplaces to monitor sneaker values and sell your sneakers when the time is right.

Final Thoughts

While the sneaker reselling industry is based on a very simple concept, the reality is that it’s much more complex than you think.

Sneaker resellers require an in-depth knowledge of the industry and technical skills to set up and use proxies and bots to ensure their success.

Being a thug in this industry requires that you also be a geek.