How to Find Hiring Manager Email?

Most of us know its better to send a cold email or cover letter that is personalized, instead of just writing a dear hiring manager email.

When you’re in a job search, sending an email to the right individuals, instead of just any individuals, means better chances for your job application.

However, if you do get a grasp at who to contact for the position you’re looking for, finding their email address sounds easier than it is.

Of course, you’ll have no trouble with finding emails of those hiring managers who leave theirs openly on sites and social media profiles.

But what about those who are more than keen on having all their contact information private.

Surprisingly, its those who don’t post their contact info all over the place who can actually help you in your job search.

Since it’s difficult to find their email addresses, a lot fewer candidates are sending them emails. Meaning yours will have a lot better open rate.

The following tips will help you whether you’re sending a job application, a freelancer who’s searching for new clients, or an outreach expert.

Some Basic Tools You Can Use To Find Emails

The first tool on the list that will help you with emailing hiring manager is “Free Email Verifier”.

There are several tools on the market that do that. Our recommendation is Hunter.

In it, you just need to enter an email address and the app will test whether the email you got is verified.

The tool also lets you test the address through other common local-part email configs if you want to see if it’s the right one.

You can also try your luck with “Email Format”.

It’s a tool for finding a business’s email format. The app is better suited when looking for a big enterprise, instead of a small business.

If you’re still unable to confirm the email address, you should try sending an email to that address manually. 

It won’t take long to find out whether it works.

If it’s not, you’ll receive a non-delivered error email. However, remember that a domain could possess a “catch-all” email inbox for all messages that had the right domain but wrong local-part, in which case you won’t get a non-delivered error.

If you’re still wondering how to find the hiring manager email address, you can always use other tools like:

Although all of them do charge you in the form of a subscription fee, you can also use their free trial option.

It will allow you to process a set amount of lookups without paying for it. At least, before you need to register and pay.

Although it isn’t easy to find the hiring manager’s email address, your trouble will be worth the effort.

If you’re able to directly send an email to hiring manager, you’ll significantly increase your chances to score the job application.


If you want to get your hands on the hiring manager’s Twitter handle, you should Google search it or type a URL of their Twitter handle.

Why not just use Twitter’s search bar?

Because Google will send you much more relevant results.

If you find their Twitter profile, you should take a look at the link that’s featured in the URL box. Sometimes, you’ll score a mark here.

Getting either an link or their personal site that you wouldn’t be able to find through Google search.

If you do some more research here, you’ll likely score an email address as well.

If you can’t find their Twitter handle, you can always try using your own Twitter acc in order to reply to their tweet and let them know you want to contact them.

Keep in mind that this should be personalized. Don’t just send an out-of-the-blue “Can I have your email?”

You can also follow them on Twitter, so they can send you a direct message. This way, they may be even more open to giving you their email address.

How to Find a Person By Email

When you want to find person by email, the best place to start your search is Google. You just need to enter the email address in the search bar.

However, if the hiring manager doesn’t have a site or haven’t entered their email on public forums like Reddit, Google won’t be able to help you.

On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram sport two or three billion users, so you may have better chances of finding their profiles there.

Facebook is different than other social media like LinkedIn as it allows you to search and find person by email address.

You just need to copy/paste the address you have into the search input field and Facebook will immediately show you whether the profile for that email exists.

If you find their Facebook or IG profile, your next step is to download their profile image and then search it through Google Image Search.

This is a kind of reverse picture search. Moreover, it allows you to find their other social media accounts if they’ve used the same image.

You can also find person by email with reverse email lookup services like This tool has a free search service specifically designed for this kind of thing.

You’ll find this worthwhile since sending a personalized cover letter can increase your chances of landing a job.

Try LinkedIn

Last but not least, you can always give a go at LinkedIn to find the address for emailing hiring manager. Firstly, you can look at their contact info on their account.

This is the same as with Twitter—there’s a chance you’ll find some bits of personal information like their website.

If you continue down the road, you could find an email as well.

If, by chance, you’re a member of the same LinkedIn group your hiring manager is on, you could be able to message them directly.

This depends on whether they accept messages from the members of the group. Although this doesn’t seem plausible, it works on occasion in some niches.

If you still don’t have anything, you could always try to send an InMail(LinkedIn’s buzzword for sending messages to those you aren’t connected with).

Of course, this means you’ll either have to upgrade your LinkedIn acc to a premium version or pay for sending an InMail.

However, the price may be worth spending, if it helps you in your job search.

Lest we forget, you can also take a look at whether you and the hiring manager have any mutual connections.

If there’s is one, you can always ask them to introduce you. Warm introductions are always more effective than cold ones.