Should You Search Google or Type a URL: Which Is Better?

Google LLC is a multinational tech giant with a great number of subsidiaries and operative businesses in the sector of technology, Artificial Intelligence, e-commerce, consumer electronics, cloud computing, and search engines.

It is Google’s search engine that stands as the centerpiece of the company’s dominance within the sector of internet technologies.

The market dominance of the Google search engine is more than impressive.

According to, more than 1.17 billion people use Google for internet searches every day, that’s why companies are investing heavily into SEO services nowadays.

How many of more than a billion users are wondering about the difference between Google and URL search? Should you search Google or type a URL for your searches? Which option is better and in what use cases?

Search Google or Type a URL

“Search Google or type a URL” is the first phrase you see when you go to Google search home.

The phrase is located in the search box that is otherwise known as Omnibox.

Omnibox is a multipurpose feature that can be used to search for web addresses and different phrases.

When searching for something online, you can just type in a web address, phrase, or keyword.

Once you press enter, you will get thousands of different results with the most relevant being placed on the first page of your Google search.

Aside from being the first phrase you see on the Google homepage, “Search Google or type a URL” poses clear guidelines for people who are using this search engine for the first time.

Should You Use Google Search or Type a URL?

Depending on your search, you can either use a web address (URL) or Google search for a specific keyword or a phrase.

In some cases, it will be easier for you to just copy and paste a web address and then hit Enter to prompt your search.

In case you have a URL, and if the URL is typed or copied and pasted correctly, you will be taken directly to the website related to that address.

In case you didn’t type the URL correctly, a Google search will be prompted, and you will be taken to the most relevant results.

In many cases, copying and pasting a URL will be a more efficient option. This way, you can go directly to the website you are looking for instead of searching keywords on Google.

In case you prefer using phrases and keywords, the Google search option i9s the right choice for you.

Google search is also useful if you are looking for a certain website, but you don’t know the exact URL.

In case you know the name of the company, label, service, product, or website you are looking for, Google will find specific results to match your search.

Using the “Search Google” Option

In many cases, using the search Google option will be more useful for your internet searches, especially when you don’t have the exact web address.

Google search is also useful if you are not sure where to look for answers, products, and services.

You just need to type in a keyword or a phrase and you will be presented with millions of results.

The most relevant results for your queries will be shown on the first page of your Google search results.

Google will also suggest similar searches and keywords at the bottom of every page to help you narrow down your search and find the most relevant results.

Google search also offers a wide scope of results as you can search for:

  • Your email
  • Images
  • News
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Websites
  • Places

Google search also has the More option at the bottom of the search bar on every result page.

If you click on More, you can search for flights, books, and financial data.

You can also use advanced Google search within the option Tools.

Within the Tools option, you can specify the date and period for your searches, looking for all-time results or the latest search results.  You can also specify the geographic area for your searches and check for the most popular searches with Google Analytics.

All Google tools are accessible for free and will help you find the most relevant searches and explore what other users are searching on Google.

Using the Type URL Option

The type a URL option is the most useful feature on the Google search engine when you have a web address.

If you want to visit a specific website and don’t want to lose your time typing keywords and phrases, you can simply copy and paste a URL.

Once you enter the URL address in the Omnibox, you can press Enter.

You will be taken directly to the website related to the web address that you copy-pasted or typed.

In case the web address is wrong, or you have a typo, the Google search engine will take you to the result pages, where you will be able to find the most relevant results.

In this case, Google will consider your URL as a phrase or a keyword and will show the most relevant searches.

When searching for specific websites make sure that the URL doesn’t have any typos and that it is correctly typed.

The best option is to just copy and paste the web address and press Enter.

If you are looking for a specific page related to the URL you have, the best choice would be to paste the URL and add the keyword.

You may be taken to the exact page you are looking for. Alternatively, Google will show the result pages with the most relevant pages related to the keyword and the URL you used in your search.