Website ATM Review – Legit Money Maker or a Scam?

The number of websites and online money-making services seems to multiply every day. Website ATM is just one of them, and while some of them are scams, others might be legitimate ones.

Here, we will do a Website ATM review, see how it works and does it work at all. 

Even though online money-making is a thing and really works if you do it the right way, we often encounter various services claiming to do the same.

However, for anyone familiar with this kind of business and marketing in general, it’s obvious that something is fishy if a service promises you easy money earned from a pattern-made website. 

What Is Website ATM? 

In simple terms, a Website ATM is a one-button cash machine that claims it will make you $500 a day.

However, things are rarely as they appear to be, and this is no exception. For that reason, we dug deeper to expose the truth behind this system. 

What we found out is pretty disturbing, to be honest. But more about that later.

Here, we’ll explain what’s behind the curtains of this so-called pocket ATM system.  

The sales pitch they use in the beginning is called scarcity.

Phrases like “Don’t tell anyone about this to keep the authorities from catching on,” as the authorities would limit the number of sales and overall profit.

Should that be a secret society ATM or something like that?  

Then, they try to sell you a website for $47, which would make money for you. Of course, there are also various upsells promising extra cash if you enroll.

Systems like this don’t work for many reasons:

  • The $47 website will never rank on Google, as they are not optimized for search engines. That optimization cost a few hundred bucks, so why would they give it for $47?
  • Google penalizes duplicate content. And these websites are full of it.
  • If the ATM’s website goes down, so will your own.

Just to be clear, people make money online.

However, not like this.

You have to invest some money in a proper website, rank it, educate yourself, provide quality content people will enjoy reading, and many other things to make your website successful.

There is the real science behind that, and you can’t get that with a $47 website. Never.

How Does This System Work?

The Modus Operandi here is that you pay $47 for an affiliate website that will miraculously start making money for you.

Although things like that exist, as we said earlier, this is not the case. 

However, for those that work, there’s a science of marketing behind it.

This is not the case with the Website ATM or any other service that promises instant cash flow. And the service we found the most similarities with is MSW.

Website ATM feels like another scam that we have reviewed in our Home Profit System Review. You can definitely read that one and learn of another way and system that people use to scam others online.

The funny thing here, though, is the people behind it. Just to put a disclaimer here: every similarity between people mentioned here and a soap opera is purely coincidental.

At Website ATM, we have an ex-accountant named Nick Harvey, who learned how to make money online.

Dear Nick has a wife, Amanda, kids Caleb, Sara, and Stevie, who wants to be an internet marketer when he grows up, just like his dad.

Such a heartwarming story. 

Furthermore, at MSW, we have Willy Hancock, also an ex-accountant, who learned how to make money online.

Luckily for Willy, he had support from his wife Amanda, kids Caleb, Sara, and Steve, who, no wonder, wants to be an internet marketer, just like his Dad is. 

And if someone tells you coincidences don’t exist, just show them this story. What else could it be, anyway?

Perhaps Amanda and the kids have two different, equally innovative, husbands and fathers?

And both created revolutionary money-making systems?

How lucky we are to have such caring people that allowed us to get rich. 

Jokes aside, the story couldn’t be more fake, and the system couldn’t be more scammy than it is.

Without further ado, let’s move to the next question. 

Is Website ATM Safe?

If it’s already not obvious what the answer is, let’s say it again.

No, the website is not safe, and it’s not legit. The only one earning money in this fraud is Website ATM. Hundreds of people are, unfortunately, purchasing their services without any actual money-making. 

Every time someone enrolls, they get $47, after which they upsell some packages “created just for you.”

Basically, this “push of a button” system works only for them.

If someone pushes the “Buy now” button and pays them those $47, isn’t that an instant online money making?

It is, but for them. 

Website ATM really is an ATM, but a deposit-enabled ATM. You can, without any problem, deposit money in it, on someone else’s bank account. 

To make it clear, things you need to make money online are:

  • Proper website optimization to rank on Google on the top of the search results,
  • High-quality content that will engage the audience and build trust,
  • Paid advertising on Google and social media,
  • Active social media accounts to engage with your audience,
  • A quality affiliate offer,
  • A trustworthy website name and domain,
  • Knowledge of web/graphic design,
  • A lot of work and engagement.

And none of the above is provided by Website ATM. 

Is Website ATM a Scam? 

To state the obvious, yes, Website ATM is a scam and a massive one.

However, there are thousands of scams, just like this one. Some were, as it seems, created by the same people.

You can basically track back the chain if you pay attention to every similar system with the same offer. After the current one goes off, the new one appears the same day. 

No one knows who’s behind those scams, as they rarely go public with their names.

There are some speculations without solid proof, which makes it even more questionable.

But what is for sure, there will always be scams like this one, targeting people who don’t know better and those eager to make money. 

The best you can do to protect yourself from them is to research and use your common sense.

You wouldn’t buy a house impulsively, so why would you invest money in something like this without making sure it’s legit? 

Website ATM Reviews?

When you research Website ATM, you will find hundreds of reviews making the same conclusion that it’s a scam.

Thankfully, people expose scams like this, and without a doubt, they fight a battle against criminals making money off of people who don’t know better. 

The Internet is a perfect opportunity for anyone trying to scam innocent people. However, it is also a perfect place to find a legitimate way to earn money online.

Find some free courses and lessons, just to get a general idea of how it really works.

After you gather some basic knowledge, you can even purchase more detailed lessons.

Only then you will realize that there’s no easy money making system and that you really can earn great money if you make an effort. 

Even some reviews of the Website ATM offer a course on the topic.

Make your research, read reviews, and without a doubt, you will learn how to make money online without being scammed.  


You must admit that it’s amazing how people, in this case, Nick, always find a way to rip people off.

You would expect Amanda to know better after the experience with Willy, but hey, the girl falls for a fraud mastermind.

We just hope that poor little Stevies won’t follow their father’s footsteps. 

Even though Amanda obviously can’t learn her lesson, we hope you can. Learn from other people’s mistakes, and avoid scams like that.

There’s no easy way of making money online. However, you can always learn to do it the right way by yourself.

Sure, you have to make an effort, but it will be more satisfying and legit in the long term. 

Don’t forget, the Internet is both a dangerous and fantastic place.

It just depends on how you use it. There will always be scammers around, but with a little common sense, you can avoid them.

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