Cash For Patriots Program Review – Exposing Government Program

Cash For Patriots. Is it a scam? A legitimate government program? Is your money safe there? Is it better to just send your money to pension funds? Will the checks really arrive?

In this post, we’ll explore all these questions and many more. Let’s start.

Cash for Patriots is a privately funded program, different from the social security fund.

No matter the age, social status, political preferences, or income, anyone can apply.

It’s apparent that they don’t have any connection to any government program, including the social security system, even though they’re trying to present it as one.

What Is The Cash For Patriots Program? 

You probably think you just have to apply for the program and wait for the money to hit your letterbox.

What else could you assume from its name?

Well, you would be far from the truth. 

You wouldn’t expect that you would have to invest at least $49 just to start receiving newsletters. Well, that’s about it.

We’ll talk more about the details of the program later, but for now, let’s hit some info on who’s behind this program:

  • The company behind the program: Agora Financial
  • Created by: Zachary Scheidt
  • Type of the product: Dividend Stock Trading
  • Price: at least $49

Mr. Scheidt and other people behind the Cash for Patriots deceive our nation with this program.

They present it as the way where you simply provide your name to the government list and wait for the checks. 

However, the program doesn’t work that way at all. Why would anyone give you money, whether you are a patriot or not?

In fact, what is common these days is that actually, you pay for something, just as you’re expected to pay for the Cash for Patriots program. 

In return, you won’t receive any money. Instead, you would receive a mere guide. A guide on how to invest in stock dividends.

It isn’t worth the trouble, by the way. You’ll find much better guides for free online.

Cash For Patriots Program Application

If you were wondering how to apply for Cash For Patriots program, keep in mind the following:

It was created by Zach Scheidt and Agora Financial. 

Basically, you would be subscribing to them. They have many programs similar to this one, and what they provide in return is a newsletter. 

You provide them with your personal information, email address, and if they upsell, with your bank account information.

By doing that, they will charge you for the package you purchased. The packages are different, depending on the value they provide. 

However, every package is just a bunch of different newsletters, with advice on how to make money. If you succeed in making money with that advice, well, that’s the income they promised.

In a sense, it’s fairly similar to another platform we covered called Freedom Checks.

Not that they’ll give you any money, whatsoever. Like we said, it’s better that you just find online free guides, if you really want to invest.

How Does The Cash For Patriots Program Work? 

The program works in a way that you purchase a package of newsletters with advice you have to implement yourself. 

Even though they mentioned Trump or the government, there is no connection to them in any way.

This program is privately funded, and instead of receiving a monthly check, as they say, you would have to buy something from them. 

In return, they will provide you with their ideas on how to earn money, and that’s where those supposed checks would come from.

In the end, it all comes to some pretty words they use, buzzwords and institutions they try to build authority on, etc.

Even the amount of money they are using to persuade you has nothing to do with common sense. Your eventual income would not come from that pool. 

We said “eventual,” as there’s no record of actually earning money with their methods. 

Is Cash For Patriots Program Safe? 

No, the Cash for Patriots program isn’t safe, and you’ll lose money with it. There is no single truth in whatever they say, as they are using a persuasion system to assure you that it’s all milk and honey.

However, in reality, they are selling advice on how to do something yourself. 

Furthermore, beware of bad experiences people had with them. Later on, we’ll cover some real-life stories of manipulation from Cash for Patriots and go through real cash for patriots program reviews.

To be honest, this program is not safe at all, and it’s even disturbing how some people and companies try to manipulate people. 

Is Cash For Patriots Program A Scam? 

Zach Scheidt can’t legally say that this is a government program or anyhow related to Trump. However, he uses some references that make the readers think it is associated with them.

That way, he believes he is building authority with the readers because if it’s linked to the government, it must be legit, right? 

Although this program is technically legal, it doesn’t mean it works.

It’s presented in the way you would think you get money just by enrolling in the program. It is definitely in the domain of false advertising.

In reality, you pay almost $50 only to receive newsletters with some advice.

While researching more about Zach Scheidt and Agora Financial, we checked “proofs” and reviews of their other programs.

Let’s just say they are fake. How do we know that? Well, there are some names with surname initials claiming some wonderful things about them. 

There’s no way to check if those people really exist. However, there are avatars of those people. And when you do a Google image search, you find that these photos are taken from various stock services. 

That leaves us wondering, if these people were actually that satisfied with whatever they purchased from them, would they at least provide a real photo of themselves?

Instead of building authority, this way, they’re decreasing it, both the Cash for Patriots Program and anything Zach Scheidt and Agora Financial do. 

Even though this program is not a scam in a way you would give money to them, and they would disappear from the face of the Earth, it is misleading and way too expensive for the value they give in return. 

If you’re asking for advice, we would recommend staying away from such programs. There are too many people claiming to have lost a large amount of money believing in the empty promises Zach provided.  

Customer Reviews 

Do you remember when the rumor appeared that Trump would provide a $612 stimulus package for every deserving American?

It turns out to be fake news, on which Zach based this program. Donald Trump or the government never announced anything like this. Ever. 

Unfortunately, there are many individuals whose Cash for Patriots enrollment ended up with a big-money loss due to a lack of prior research. Let’s talk about that for a moment. 

At Better Business Bureau, we checked some Cash for Patriots program gov’s reviews from hundreds of people who enrolled in it. 

A 75-years pensioner claimed he was charged for the program, even though he never hit the “buy now” button.

One woman thought she was buying Zach’s book for $49. Instead, she was signing up for a $99/month newsletter subscription. 

Please, read this one carefully. We separated it because it shows how dirty this program truly is. 

This guy lost $35000 on their lifetime membership. He enrolled in the program, and suddenly, he was bombarded with offers to upgrade.

Among them, the offer to sign up for a lifetime subscription. Otherwise, he would lose the chance to do it ever again. 

That’s where the catch is. You can get your money returned for an annual subscription, but not for a lifetime one. 

After six months, he decided it wasn’t useful at all, and he decided to stop the subscription, but he didn’t read a bunch of that “small print.”

And that’s when it hit him. $35000 lost, thanks to great writing and dirty marketing tricks, targeting people that don’t know better. 

There are many more terrible experiences people had, most of them described on the BBB website. Feel free to check them out if this wasn’t enough to assure you how dirty their game is. To reiterate again, this is not a legit government program.

Bottom Line – Is Cash For Patriots a Scam?

Cash for Patriots will not provide you with a stimulus check, no passive income, and it is definitely not a government-based program.

Even though Cash for Patriots is technically legal, it’s not legit and moral at all, and could easily be considered a scam.

Their targeted audience is older, gullible people, or those that are not familiar with various scams circulating the Internet.

The best way to protect yourself from the situations described here is to do research and read all those small letters underneath.

In case you don’t understand what it says, as they’re often confusingly written, ask someone for advice. 

The best advice we could give you is to stay away from fishy companies and programs like this one.

They’re all legally covered with their terms and conditions.

That means if it’s stated that you’ll give them your house, and you agree to those terms without reading them, they legally can have it. Basically, those terms are always in their favor.