Is Farmasi Another Cosmetic Pyramid Scheme? Should You Invest In It?

Farmasi is a Turkish brand that deals with cosmetics and personal care products. Founded by Dr. C.Tuna in 2004 and now operating in twenty-four countries, Farmasi’s product range has grown significantly over the years, from beauty products to skin care products. 

Also, in recent times, the company spread its wings further into household items and curative products, including body wash, moisturizers, perfumes, hair accessories, facial cleansers, Christmas gift products, and Terracotta porcelain powder. Upon signing up, sellers receive a $19.99 starter kit which contains advertising materials and other products. 

The Starter Kit contains the following:

  • Welcome letter
  • Dr. C Tuna Guide English
  • Dr. C Tuna Guide Spanish
  • Farmasi opportunity brochure
  • Catalog English
  • Farmasi Catalog Spanish 

Farmasi’s products range from $5 to $50, most of which are below $20, making them one of the most affordable MLM cosmetic businesses. As enticing as the perks of Farmasi are to the ears, there are still worries and concerns about Farmasi being a multi-level marketing venture and its susceptibility to fraud.

Are you looking to invest in another MLM business? Do you have a solid interest in Farmasi? Take a minute to digest our article to help you fully decide if Farmasi’s the way to go. 

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme?

While there are legitimate MLM companies, most have fraudulent motives and are unreliable. Farmasi has been around for years, growing and expanding its operation, so it’s safe to say they’re legit. 

Farmasi utilizes the multi-level marketing method of selling and distributing its products. Let us explain how. A paying participant at the top recruits two or more people to purchase and sell their products. The number of participants increases down the chain, earning the upline a large number of downlines and a higher commission rate.

However, Farmasi is still a multi-level marketing company, and MLM companies do not exactly have the best reputation for sustainability, so tread carefully. More so, MLM companies have low-income potential, especially for downlines. 

There are also plenty of similar cosmetics-selling companies that have been in the business for years, such as Avon and Mary Kay.

Perks of Joining Farmasi as a Seller

  1. Incentives

Farmasi has a welcome program for new sellers, during which free incentives are provided for them for the first four months. Also, Farmasi pays a 50% commission on every purchase made using your ID#, both online and in-store. 

Furthermore, Farmasi provides sellers with products for half their original price, and the seller earns a percentage of what they sell based on their monthly sales volume.

  1. Low Enrollment Fee

To become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer, you only need to part with $19.99. What are the perks? You earn a 50% discount on the products purchased, and by reselling the company’s products and building your team, you may be able to earn about $100 monthly. However, profits largely depend on the volume of products sold.

Additionally, as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer, you’re entitled to a pre-made site that anyone can use to purchase Farmasi products. As such, customers who purchase Farmasi products through your replicated site receive a 50% commission. 

  1. Commission Structure

Farmasi manufactures affordable makeup products and offers its sellers an attractive commission package. This emphasizes the company’s focus on selling products rather than recruiting people. 

  1. Safety

Farmasi spends a lot of money on research and development to ensure that its products are safe for use and have no side effects.  

  1. Group Commission

At Farmasi, a group commission is paid to sellers for sales made by their downline.

  1. Leadership Bonus

As an upline, you receive a bonus when you or your downline recruits achieve a higher rank in the distribution chain. 

  1. Team Building Program

Farmasi’s customer acquisition program offers sellers the opportunity to earn $40 when they sponsor three or more active recruits. To be considered an active seller on the platform, you need to sell $200 worth of products in the given time frame. 

  1. Group Bonus

When a downline sells more products, the upline receives an attractive bonus.

  1. No Monthly Quota

With Farmasi, you don’t have to compulsorily increase your sales monthly or take on more products than you can handle. Simply stick to selling what you sell monthly and focus on making profits without hassle. 

  1. Affiliate Rank System

Farmasi has 17 affiliate ranks for all sellers. As an upline, hitting sales targets and recruiting more downlines pushes you up the ranks. Also, when your downline achieves a higher rank, you also get a bonus. 

Why You Should Think Twice About Joining Farmasi

  1. Low-income Structure

Like every other pyramid scheme, much money is only earned by people at the top. Farmasi is an MLM and not just a pyramid scheme. However, this doesn’t really change much because, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), almost 99% of participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money. 

Although, in a multi-level marketing company like Farmasi, you can either sell their products directly to people and make retail commissions or recruit people under you alongside selling and making more commissions. This means that recruiting is optional for Farmisi sellers. You can either focus on selling their products, membership or doing both. Of course, doing both brings the utmost cash. 

  1. No Internet Market Training

Most new sellers on Farmasi’s platform have yet to learn how to actually sell products and build their downlines. Also, the cosmetic niche is highly competitive; hence, sellers need tips and training regarding effective product promotion to make sales and earn commissions and bonuses. 

Bottom Line

In terms of MLMs, Farmasi is one of the better ones- their products are ethically manufactured and affordable, and the commissions are 50% which is a nice incentive for sellers.

How much you can earn in a multi-level marketing company like Farmasi depends on the volume of products sold and the number of downlines. Having many people in your “downline” is essential for success as a Farmasi seller. This is because you earn a commission at Farmasi when your downlines make sales or achieve a higher rank.

Lastly, Farmasi offers a wide range of quality products and services, so you can worry less about not making sales because you surely will. 

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