Is Find Dream Jobs Legit Or a Waste Of Time and Money?

Looking for a job may be a tricky task, but not when you find a safe space, which offers great opportunities.

So, will Find Dream Jobs help you land the perfect job?

Here you are, at the end of another exhausting working day, telling yourself “I can’t do this anymore, I need another job”.

You turn on your computer and dive in the online job searching, hoping you find the light at the end of your burnout tunnel.

Coming across many platforms, there’s one who catches your eye while scrolling –  Find Dream Jobs.

Nowadays, employers don’t advertise their job postings in the newspaper and potential candidates don’t have to watch out for “hiring” signs.

Just like your food or clothes are delivered to your doorstep, so can your job be just a click away from you.

The Internet is flooding with websites that guarantee getting you the job of your dreams or with promises that you will make hundreds of dollars a day (like Arise or 3hourjob)

It has never been easier to find a job than it is right now.

All you need to do is find a website where employers display their latest job openings, sign up, create a resume and apply!

But is it that simple?

Before you go ahead and type in all your personal information, resume and cover letters, it might be better to give a second thought.

Dig in a bit more. A real and safe website is not just a professional landing page. \

What is Find Dream Jobs?

Find Dream Jobs was launched in 2012 by, LLC. Find Dream Jobs is located in New York City, with another office in London.

Find Dream Jobs is a subsidiary of FindDreamJobs Holdings Inc., which was established by Yaron Morgenstern and Daniel Chait.

Its purpose? Finding the right job for you!

It is a website where employers sign up to attract the right candidates by advertising their jobs.

They must disclose complete details regarding the required qualifications, responsibilities, benefits, and salary.

After they post it, Find Dream Jobs will expose the listing to the pool of signed-up candidates within the website.

Also, here you can find articles and other resources which can help in launching your dream career.

So, as a candidate, you have to create an account, upload a resume and search for jobs that you find suitable for you and apply.

Basically, it’s the place to find a list of jobs which are of your interest.

How Does Find Dream Jobs Operate? 

If you want to create an account and access this listing you have to sign up with a valid email address and complete some personal information: name, address and date of birth.

Apart from the list generated by the website, you can search for certain jobs if you have a particular title or desired company in mind by using the search feature to target what you are looking for.

But, you need to know that Find Dream Jobs is restricted in some areas, so for that it might not be the best alternative for you. 

However, after signing up you will be asked to answer survey type questions to complete your account.

Your answers are the parameters that will be used by the website’s algorithm in recommending job listings available.

If you give your consent, your answers will also be shared with their marketing partners.

This might be helpful because you may be contacted for potential interviews via email or through the phone.

Also, these marketing partners compensate Find Dream Jobs every time it connects with an interested customer.

Can You Actually Find Jobs On FindDreamJobs?

Find Dream Jobs does not guarantee you will get a job just because you sign up.

Landing the perfect job depends on job availability and client preference.

The advantages of using a platform like this is that you are basically streamlining your search into a single website.

You will be able to find a job here as long as you do your research and verify if the job posting is legitimate or not.

What Are The Types Of Jobs Available on FindDreamJobs?

You can find any type of job, regardless of the career path you want to follow.

There’s a wide range of options: from full time to part time jobs and from entry level positions to senior ones.

There are also opportunities for internships, contract positions and work at home positions.

Find Dream Jobs offers many different industries from IT to marketing to healthcare and education, giving you access to exclusive job opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

Customer Reviews & Red Flags

Like any other online business, there are always some users who find disadvantages. And you need to be the one who is aware of rumors about FindDreamJobs, if you want to sign up.

Many users have been complaining that the website is only available for American candidates.

Other have mentioned that the signing up process takes too long.

What is more, people have noticed that when you find a job posting that they are interested in, there’s a lot of clickables before landing on the targeted page.

Sometimes you need to fill in other surveys which are not related to the job posting you want to apply to.

Users claim that it would be better if all the information it is required would be gathered when you create the account.

Bottom Line – Is Find Dream Jobs a Scam?

Most definitely, no.

Even though there are some drawbacks when using this platform, Find Dream Jobs is a legit website for job seekers.

Also, it provides access to exclusive job opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

It is free to join and membership fees are extremely reasonable compared to other sites offering similar services.

After almost 10 years since its release, Find Dream Jobs has over 30 million job listings and about 50,000 new ones added daily, making it one of the most comprehensive job sites out there. 

The majority of jobs out there are real, redirecting the user to the company’s website.

If you are willing to take on the work of making sure each job is legitimate and you are not bothered by filling in surveys from time to time, Find Dream Jobs might be the best place where you can land your next long dreamed job!