Is Jeff Lerner Legit, or a Scam?

In today’s online marketing, it’s almost impossible not to come across pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, or even life coaches that try to sell you their services. It doesn’t help matters that when you try to search for information on them, all the outcomes are controversial. 

And so, in the spirit of clearing controversies, here is a review of Jeff Lerner, containing details to note before attaining his services.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is an American speaker, author, pianist, and serial entrepreneur. He was brought up in a suburb of New York City and graduated from George Washington University. During his schooling, he became aware of brands’ influence on customers.

At 29, he joined an online marketing agency following a string of failures, including the closure of a restaurant that left him more than $400k in debt and the failure of a restaurant network. Motivated by his exposure to entrepreneurship, he decided to devote his full time to online marketing after experiencing these multiple failures, and he succeeded in paying off his debts.

The ENTRE Institute, which Jeff founded, has been a major source of income for him. Through this education platform, he has successfully instructed more than 150k people, demonstrating his desire for you to learn and achieve. Asides from the Entre Institute, he founded and co-founded several other successful businesses.

Jeff Lerners’ Businesses

Jeff is engaged in several businesses, including but not limited to the following:

  • Entre Institute 
  • Copy A Millionaire 
  • 6 Steps To Freedom 
  • Awesome Marketing-an inc 500 Digital Agency 
  • 7 Mile Digital 
  • Millionaire Secrets. A well-received podcast with over 100 episodes on Youtube and Apple Podcasts. 

Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth

According to Jeff’s website, it is stated that he has a net worth of over $50 million. His journey started after his failed career as a jazz musician, and he discovered an affiliate marketing tutorial he studied for months. He made $40,000 in commissions in one month. Six months later, it became $70,000, with 40,000 affiliate marketers.

Jeff Lerners’ Entre Institute

Entre Institute was formally established in the early months of 2019 by seasoned businessmen Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting. The institute aims to assist others in creating an online business while avoiding some of the pitfalls of physical, personal, and professional challenges they’d made along the road. 

Currently, it has over 250 people enrolled with three major products, which include: 

  • Online Education and Books 
  • Live Events, Seminars, and Workshops 
  • Private and Group Coaching 

Entre Blueprint

The Entre Blueprint is a low-cost, front-end product or package from the Entre Institute which shares Jeff’s secrets to success with his students via six video modules. The Entre Blueprint allows you to join for only $39.

Furthermore, the course is broken into six major sections and some additional materials, which include details on the following:

  1. The 3 P’s of An Awesome Life

In the following chapter, you’ll learn about the “3Ps” of an awesome life, which include Personal, Professional, and Physical.

  1. The 3 Legs of Success in Action

Here, “legs” refer to supporting an action through learning, context, community, strategy, or belief.

  1. The “3 Phases” of Building Your Legacy 

This part includes the concept of growth, leverage, and some marketing strategies.

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

This aspect portrays information on affiliate marketing and its tools

  1. Digital Consulting

This component teaches online abilities that one must transform into dependable, sellable, and bankable income flow. It also emphasizes establishing a digital consulting business and producing passive revenue. 

  1. eCommerce

An introduction to eCommerce business is done here alongside a basic overview.

  1. Awesome Challenge to Live a Full Life

These give access to routine tasks you can do personally to aid your personal growth.

  1. The Entre Nations Community

This community comprises coaches, mentors, and students in a private Facebook group.

  1. Your Business Advisor

At the end of this course, there are many other, more elite training options for those who desire it. The upgrades and their prices are as follows: 

  • Entre Nation Elite: $49 per month, $348 per annum 
  • Entre Institute Digital: $1,997 for a one-time 
  • Entre Institute Results: $15,000 per annum 
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle:  $29, 997 per Year 

Pros of the Entre Blueprint

The benefit of this program is that it offers a lot of instruction and value for a reasonably low cost. Access to the introductory Entre Blueprint course is $39 per person.

There are, however, certain unstated expenses there to move further. This implies that the cost will go up. The fact that a 60-day money-back guarantee backs Entre Institute.

Jeff’s program is extremely successful from the standpoint of the affiliates as it is a high-ticket affiliate program. Some affiliates estimate that advertising Entre can bring in up to $15,000 per month. Still, it also sends a strong Multi-Level Marketing company vibe because it focuses on self-promotion.

Cons of the Entre blueprint

The issue with Entre Institute is that the fundamental course is mostly inspirational rather than practical. It is envisaged that users will increase their membership in order to receive the concrete steps for creating an internet business.

So, Entre Institute is an example of a traditional high-ticket affiliate marketing plan. Through a succession of inexpensive, encouraging courses, you are guided to the more costly sections of the program, where you can truly learn what is required to create and maintain an online business.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Entre Institute is not a fraud. The system is founded on legal strategies that helped Jeff Lerner become a millionaire. Regardless, it is not advisable to go into it because it is very pricey to get to the major parts. However, if you are looking to engage it for affiliate marketing purposes majorly, it might be right.


Where can you join the Entre Institute?

You can join Entre Institute by registering on the website, where they offer both premium and free membership depending on what you want or your pocket. You can register for the starter membership with no credit cards required if you’re looking for experience before paying. With no time limit, you can become a free member. 

Is the Entre Blueprint genuine or a scam?

Entre Blueprint is genuine. It is an introductory course in transitioning into an online business, especially if you’re a newbie looking to earn passive income online for a start. However, there are other, more beginner-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives.

Who are Jeff Lerner Courses for?

The Jeff Lerner courses are open to all looking to start businesses online, have a source of passive income, and want to grow their businesses. It is generally for those who feel they have time to build something online rather than those who want to earn magically.

Is the Entre Institute a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not a pyramid scheme, but very similar to the conventional affiliate marketing scheme. This means it is an introductory course used to introduce and sell four other useful products.

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