The 3 Best Strategies To Market A Small Local Business

Marketing a local business seems like it would be easier to do than one that has a wider market. Instead, a local business can be a bit more of a challenge to properly market and get the word out. It takes a certain marketing strategy that doesn’t work the same as a big campaign that uses only digital marketing methods. 

Local businesses used to rely mainly on word of mouth as their primary method of getting exposure. Although this is an effective way of spreading awareness, it shouldn’t be the sole strategy. In this article, we will go over several ways that you should be trying to market your small business. 

1 – Direct mailing

Direct mailing used to be the king when it came to marketing just about any type of business. When internet marketing took off, direct mailing fell out of favor. It is still a highly effective method when it comes to advertising a local business and should be a big part of your overall strategy. 

It works well because you can target people in the exact area where your business is so you know that they will be able to come to you. You are also able to focus on the metrics that matter within that demographic. Some of the important metrics are things like household income, interests, where they usually spend their money, and more. 

Some of the materials are also interactive and can be quite interesting. Some are video postcards that people are very interested in watching. Others can have a QR code on them that can be scanned and brought to a website where you can give them more information. 

2 – Public relations

Public relations firms are great at understanding the local market. This helps them craft a perfect way to get the word out about your business. There are a lot of options for them to make sure people know you are around. For instance, if you are a local brewery then they will organize an event that gets a lot of the local opinion makers there along with the press. This will help bring a lot of awareness to your business. 

If you are selling a product then they can organize charity events and run an auction with some of your products as the prize. Just tell them what your plan is and what you need and they will come up with the perfect strategy. 

3 – Local SEO

There is still a place for digital marketing even when the business is small and local. This involves doing some things to make sure that your website comes up high in search results for your product or services. 

The first step is to sign up for Google My Business as it will put you on the radar of the search engine. A blog that uses a lot of the keywords that people will search for your type of business will help you get some organic traffic to your site where people will get more information about your business. 

Additionally, creating valuable content that addresses customer needs, such as articles on how to make the most of your HVAC service calls, can also attract and retain a relevant audience. This not only boosts your SEO but also positions your business as a helpful and knowledgeable resource in your industry.

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